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We are a pioneering company in the field of Permanent Magnetic Equipment in India.Our product range is extensively used in different industries like Paint, Print, Food, Rubber, Pharmaceutical, Plastic and Paper.

Triple and Multi Roller Separator


Triple and Multi Roller Magnetic Separators for highest purify material passes through the magnet multi stage roller separator and provided at material outlet .the material flow in hopper then it’s come on vibrator. Product flow is diverted so that it falls across the surface on roller belt Ferrous matter contained in the product flow is drawn to the roll's surface (and held against it) by the powerful magnet housed inside. Here we make totally dust tight Roller Magnetic Separator available in one to eight stage roller magnetic separator in various size. Which is manufactured and assembled under strict quality control and specification to generate unsurpassed Magnetic Field Gradients. Under this High Intensity Magnetic Field, weekly Magnetic Contamination can be easily removed efficiently.