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We are a pioneering company in the field of Permanent Magnetic Equipment in India.Our product range is extensively used in different industries like Paint, Print, Food, Rubber, Pharmaceutical, Plastic and Paper.

Suspended Magnet


This unit simply suspended above the conveyor belt or the head pulley and lifts tramp metal from the product burden as it passes through the powerful magnetic field. Four eyebolts are provided for suspension (suspension chain not included). Cleaning is achieved by manually removing the collected tramp metal from the face of the magnet. E-Z CLEAN options are available to simplify cleaning. Available in permanent and electromagnetic designs. Suspension Type Magnets use is recommended for low contamination products.Over band type Magnetic Separator is recommended for this type of application. The capacity of suspended magnet is 20 inch coverage area The principal applications are for processing of bulk products such as Culets, Glass, Cofee, Cereals, Minerals, Coal and Sugar etc.