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We are a pioneering company in the field of Permanent Magnetic Equipment in India.Our product range is extensively used in different industries like Paint, Print, Food, Rubber, Pharmaceutical, Plastic and Paper.

Over Band Magnetic Separator


Over Band Magnetic Separators are designed to eliminate tramp metal from the product carried by belt, Used in Recycling, quarrying and heavy industries. Positioned above flat or trough type conveyors to continuously removed tramp iron and other ferrous contamination from bulk items. Large permanent magnetic packs generate deep penetrating magnetic flux fields. Rubber belt is driven around two rollers with the magnetic pack positioned in the centre. Other separators used over conveyor belts include: conveyor head rollers, strip magnets, hinged strip magnets, deep field plate magnets The Magnet is made of High Intensity Strontium Ferrite Magnets and Rare Earth magnetares guaranteed for the Magnetic Power throughout the life of installation. A Non - Magnetic Stainless steel Plate is provided to cover the poles of Magnet. There is no need for any electrical supply or maintenance.