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We are a pioneering company in the field of Permanent Magnetic Equipment in India.Our product range is extensively used in different industries like Paint, Print, Food, Rubber, Pharmaceutical, Plastic and Paper.

Lifter Magnet


Excel compact Rare-each Permanent lift magnetic, turned on and off manually by lever provide smooth operation for hundreds of lifting and positioning application. These magnetic are ideally suited for in plant handling, loading / unloading of machine tools, in machines shop, plastic modules machined components, etc. No electricity needed, no batteries to or replace don’t threaten safety Guarantees continuous, complete magnetic power, even after years of intensive use. Available with ‘V’ face pipes round and other hard to handle shapes. Available in 100 to 5000 kg rated lifting capacities with 33% safety factors that means magnetic are testing over 3 time the rated load Circular Electro Lifter Magnets are designed to eliminate scrap iron tramp metal from the raw material, Used in Recycling, quarrying and heavy industries. Offered in fabricated cases, with coils and terminals sealed and protected to ensure watertight construction and low maintenance costs. Size range from 530mm to 1525mm in diameter to suit all crane sizes and models. Magnets are designed for cool operation and minimum reduction in lift capacity, to provide maximum lift performance throughout the working day. Cases are constructed of high-permeability, low carbon steel for minimum magnetic leakage and maximum lifting efficiency. Bottom plates are heavy manganese steel. Class H insulation is used throughout the magnets for extended life.