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We are a pioneering company in the field of Permanent Magnetic Equipment in India.Our product range is extensively used in different industries like Paint, Print, Food, Rubber, Pharmaceutical, Plastic and Paper.

Hump Magnet


Hump Magnets generally consist of two Plate Magnets mounted in an offset housing and are installed in vertical spouts. As product enters the housing it impacts directly on the face of the first Plate Magnet, travels through the offset angle of the housing and impacts directly on the face of the second Plate Magnet Hump magnet is a unique permanent magnetic equipment to remove tramp iron pieces from gravity flow or pneumatically conveyed mixtures, the surest way to protect your costly machinery from damages. A mist for cattle feed fertilizers food processing, salt in grain handling plants. Made from high coercively permanent magnets. Very powerful magnetic plates hinged on sturdy, M. S Housing arrest all the ferrous particles from the material and prevent damage to the machinery. The plates can be easily swung open and cleaned. Ousting made of heavy M. S. A Hump Magnets are made totally dust tight enclosure and easy to clean plate of Hump, in a Hump Magnet made two or multi stage are available. This provides excellent separation results for high volume, poor flowing, or abrasive materials.